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Racquet Stringing Lessons

Learn how to string your own and other peoples racquets on one of my racquet stringing courses.

Whether you want to string your own racquets or offer a racquet stringing service to others, you will find my courses provide you with all the skills you require.

Student Achievements

My students have provided racquet stringing services at:

Although there are fixed course outlines, lessons can be tailored to suit your ability and requirements.

All lessons are by appointment only and are held at my workshop in Berwick, Victoria. Please contact me to find out when I am available.

Displayed prices are for one person. See my price list for group rates and discounts.

Beginners Course

One day course: $960.00

A course for the absolute beginner who would like to learn how to string their own racquets. No previous stringing experience is necessary although some knowledge of string technology would be an advantage.

Topics covered include;

  • Frame Structures and preparation.
  • Machine/Tool types.
  • String composition and characteristics.
  • Standard stringing patterns, techniques and knots.
  • Grommet replacement.
  • Basic grip replacement and size issues.
  • Problem avoidance.
  • Business issues; what to charge and stock.
  • Introduction to membership of the ERSA/USRSA.

Shop/Home Stringer

Half day course: $450.00

This course is designed for those that already have some stringing experience and would like to improve on their skills. Ideally, you will have some experience stringing racquets and a desire to improve your skills so that you can offer a stringing service to other players.

Topics covered include;

  • Speed stringing techniques.
  • Gut stringing techniques.
  • Machine calibration and maintenance.
  • Hybrid stringing.
  • Stringing patterns and special knots.

Racquet Customisation

3 hour course: $750.00

Every racquet has unique weight, balance and swing weight, even racquets of the same model. This course teaches you how to customise a player's racquets to suit their individual play style. You will also learn how to match racquets so that the player experience is the same, regardless of which of their racquets they use.

Topics covered include;

  • Adjusting the racquet weight
  • Adjusting the racquet balance
  • Adjusting the swing weight
  • Racquet matching techniques

Tournament Stringer

Half day course: $450.00

This course is designed for experienced stringers and focuses on developing the skills necessary for stringing in a tournament environment.

To get the maximum value from this course, you must be a very experienced stringer, preferably with some experience of stringing at club tournaments.

My personal experience as a stringer at tournaments all over the world, including all four Grand Slam Tournaments, gives me a unique insight into the skills required to perform well at these events.

Assessment Course

Half day course: $450.00

An ideal preparation course for anyone who is considering applying for USRSA or ERSA certification.

As an official certification tester, I can assess your ability according to recognised standards, and offer guidance on the best path to follow to achieve certification.

I can also assess your overall stringing ability and offer you advice on techniques to help you improve your stringing and the service you give your customers.