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Racquet Stringing

I provide a professional level tennis, badminton and squash racquet stringing service for all levels of players and coaches.

I can string your racquet (or racket, if you prefer the alternative spelling) to the exact tension that you require, using a variety of globally recognised stringing patterns. I also keep stock of a wide range of strings, grips and grommets to suit all styles of play.


All of my stringing is carried out on the Yonex ES 5 - Pro  and Yonex ProTech 8 racquet stringing machines, two of the best stringing machines on the market.


Your racquet is usually ready to collect within 24 hours, although when my schedule permits, I can provide a while you wait service.

Please contact me beforehand to arrange a suitable time to drop off your racquet. All racquet stringing is by appointment only.


For information about how much I charge for my services, check out my price lists. Please note, the prices listed are intended as a guideline only.

When should I Restring?

Knowing when your racquet needs a restring can help you to stay at the peak of your game.

How often you restring your racquet will depend on the type of racquet you use, your style of play, the type of strings you use and your frequency of play.

These are some of the signs to look out for and some general rules of thumb to help you decide if it is time to visit your racquet stringer.

At the very minimum, your racquet should be restrung every 6 months regardless of how often you play. This is because the strings will naturally lose their tension and elasticity over time.